Microcondylaea bonellii as a new host for the European bitterling Rhodeus amarus
Ronaldo Sousa, Arthur E. Bogan, Duarte V. Gonçalves, Jasna Lajtner, Vincent Prié, Nicoletta Riccardi, Spase Shumka, Amílcar Teixeira, Maria Urbańska, Simone Varandas and Manuel Lopes-Lima
Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems, 2020


We report for the first time that the freshwater mussel Microcondylaea bonellii (Férussac, 1827) functions as a suitable host for the European bitterling Rhodeus amarus (Bloch, 1782). Given the recent expansion of R. amarus in Europe, the possible physiological cost (e.g. competition for oxygen, reduction in water circulation, and consequent impairment of filter-feeding) of this interaction may further affect the already poor conservation status of M. bonellii populations.

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