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Venerdì, 20 Ottobre 2017 14:14

Closing the water cycle in the agro-industrial sector by reusing treated wastewater for irrigation.
Pompilio Vergine, Carlo Salerno, Angela Libutti, Luciano Beneduce, Giuseppe Gatta, Giovanni Berardi, Alfieri Pollice.
Journal of Cleaner Production, 2017

Venerdì, 20 Ottobre 2017 14:04

Agro-industrial wastewater reuse for irrigation of a vegetable crop succession under Mediterranean conditions.
Angela Libutti, Giuseppe Gatta, Anna Gagliardi, Pompilio Vergine, Alfieri Pollice, Luciano Beneduce, Grazia Disciglio, Emanuele Tarantino.
Agricultural Water Management, 2018

Martedì, 17 Ottobre 2017 16:52

Mitigation of nitrogen pollution in vegetated ditches fed by nitrate-rich spring waters.
Elisa Soana, Raffaella Balestrini, Fabio Vincenzi, Marco Bartoli, Giuseppe Castaldelli.
Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 2017

Lunedì, 16 Ottobre 2017 08:37

Arsenic-related microorganisms in groundwater: a review on distribution, metabolic activities and potential use in arsenic removal processes.
S. Crognale, S. Amalfitano, B. Casentini, S. Fazi, S. Rossetti.
Rev Environ Sci Biotechnol, 2017

Lunedì, 02 Ottobre 2017 10:27

Syntrophic acetate oxidation during the two-phase anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge: Microbial population, Gibbs free energy and kinetic modelling
Daniele Montecchio, Giovanni Esposito, Maria Cristina Gagliano, Agata Gallipoli, Andrea Gianico, Camilla M. Braguglia.
International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation, 2017

Giovedì, 28 Settembre 2017 10:55

Assessment of Toxicity of Selenium and Cadmium Selenium Quantum Dots: A Review.
Virender K. Sharma, Thomas J. McDonald, Mary Sohn, George A. K. Anquandah, Maurizio Pettine, and Radek Zboril
Chemosphere, 2017

Venerdì, 08 Settembre 2017 16:05

Modelling Crop Pattern Changes and Water Resources Exploitation: A Case Study.
Donato Zingaro, Ivan Portoghese and Giacomo Giannoccaro
Water, 2017

Venerdì, 08 Settembre 2017 13:23

Climate Change Impacts on Sediment Quality of Subalpine Reservoirs: Implications on Management.
Marziali Laura, Gianni Tartari, Franco Salerno, Lucia Valsecchi, Clara Bravi, Erika Lorenzi, Pietro Genoni and Licia Guzzella
Water, 2017

Mercoledì, 30 Agosto 2017 10:04

Remediation of internal phosphorus loads with modified clays, influence of fluvial suspended particulate matter and response of the benthic macroinvertebrate community.
Hongbin Yin, Grant B. Douglas, Yongjiu Cai, Cheng Liu, Diego Copetti
Science of The Total Environment, 2018

Lunedì, 24 Luglio 2017 12:04

Clam bioaccumulation of Alkylphenols and Polyciclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the Venice lagoon under different pressures.
N. Ademollo, L. Patrolecco, V. Matozzo, M.G. Marin, S. Valsecchi, S. Polesello.
Marine Pollution Bulletin, 2017

Lunedì, 24 Luglio 2017 11:40

Legacy persistent organic pollutants including PBDEs in the trophic web of the Ross Sea (Antarctica)
Simonetta Corsolini, Nicoletta Ademollo, Tania Martellini, Demetrio Randazzo, Marino Vacchi, Alessandra Cincinelli
Chemosphere, 2017

Giovedì, 13 Luglio 2017 09:43

Efficacy of methanogenic biomass acclimation in mesophilic anaerobic digestion of ultrasound pretreated sludge
M. C. Gagliano, A. Gallipoli, S. Rossetti and C. M. Braguglia
Environmental Technology, 2017

Giovedì, 13 Luglio 2017 09:35

Anaerobic bioconversion of food waste into energy: A critical review
Camilla M. Braguglia, Agata Gallipoli, Andrea Gianico, Pamela Pagliaccia
Bioresource Technology, 2017

Mercoledì, 28 Giugno 2017 09:18

Modelling the complexity of the network of interactions in flood emergency management: The Lorca flash flood case
Raffaele Giordano, Alessandro Pagano, Irene Pluchinotta, Rosa Olivo del Amo, Sonia M. Hernandez, Eduardo S. Lafuente
Environmental Modelling & Software, 2017

Martedì, 27 Giugno 2017 11:58

Hydrology under climate change in a temporary river system: Potential impact on water balance and flow regime
A. M. De Girolamo, F. Bouraoui, A. Buffagni, G. Pappagallo, A. Lo Porto
River Research and Applications, 2017

Lunedì, 19 Giugno 2017 08:55

A model-based tool for reactor configuration of thermophilic biogas plants fed with Waste Activated Sludge
D. Montecchio, C.M. Braguglia, A. Gallipoli, A. Gianico
Renewable Energy, 2017

Lunedì, 12 Giugno 2017 16:55

Cable Bacteria and the Bioelectrochemical Snorkel: The Natural and Engineered Facets Playing a Role in Hydrocarbons Degradation in Marine Sediments.
Bruna Matturro, Carolina Cruz Viggi, Federico Aulenta and Simona Rossetti
Frontiers in Microbiology, 2017

Venerdì, 09 Giugno 2017 15:09

A Suitable Tool for Sustainable Groundwater Management.
Costantino Masciopinto, Michele Vurro, Vito Nicola Palmisano, Isabella Serena Liso
Water Resources Management, 2017

Venerdì, 09 Giugno 2017 15:05

On the applicability of a hybrid bioreactor operated with polymeric tubing for the biological treatment of saline wastewater.
M. Concetta Tomei, Domenica Mosca Angelucci, Valentina Stazi, Andrew J. Daugulis
Science of the Total Environment, 2017

Lunedì, 05 Giugno 2017 09:29

Screening of benzodiazepines in thirty European rivers.
Jerker Fick, Tomas Brodin, Martina Heynen, Jonatan Klaminder, Micael Jonsson, Katerina Grabicova, Tomas Randak, Roman Grabic, Vit Kodes, Jaroslav Slobodnik, Andrew Sweetman, Mark Earnshaw, Anna Barra Caracciolo, Teresa Lettieri, Robert Loos
Chemosphere, 2017

Martedì, 30 Maggio 2017 11:02

Robust Method to Quantify the Risk of Shortage for Water Supply Systems.
E. Romano; N. Guyennon; A. Del Bon; A. B. Petrangeli; and E. Preziosi
Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 2017

Lunedì, 08 Maggio 2017 10:35

Persistent organic pollutants in sediments of high-altitude Alpine ponds within Stelvio National Park, Italian Alps.
Giulia Poma, Franco Salerno, Claudio Roscioli, Stefano Novati and Licia Guzzella
Inland Waters, 2017

Lunedì, 08 Maggio 2017 10:27

Restoring lakes through external phosphorus load reduction: the case of Lake Pusiano (Southern Alps).
Diego Copetti, Franco Salerno, Lucia Valsecchi, Gaetano Viviano, Fabio Buzzi, Chiara Agostinelli, Riccardo Formenti, Alessandro Marieri, and Gianni Tartari
Inland Waters, 2017