Angela Volpe, Ricercatore

email angela.volpe AT
Address Via F. De Blasio,5
70132 Bari
Telephone +39 080 5820502
Fax +39 080 5313365

Research Topics
  • Bioremediation of groundwater and soil contaminated by persistent organic pollutants, by means of in situ and ex situ technologies. Assessment of procedures for the remediation of contaminated sites.
  • Dehalogenation of chlorinated organics by chemical reduction with zero-valent metals. Groundwater remediation by technologies using zero-valent iron.
  • Analytical methods for the determination of inorganic and organic micropollutants (atomic absorption and emission spectroscopy, gas chromatography/mass spectrometry).
  • Application of biogeochemical modeling computer programs for the study of the fate and transport of pollutants in groundwater.
Research activities / Ongoing Projects
Recent Publications
  • Volpe, A.; Lopez, A.; Pagano, M.: Olive Husk: an Alternative Sorbent for Removing Heavy Metals from Aqueous Streams, Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 2003, 110 (3), 137-150.
  • Volpe, A.; Lopez, A.; Mascolo, G.; Detomaso, A.: Chlorinated herbicide (Triallate) dehalogenation by iron powder, Chemosphere 2004, 57 (7), 579-586.
  • Volpe, A.; Mascolo, G.; Lopez, A.: Reductive dechlorination of the herbicides Triallate and Acetochlor by zero-valent iron, First European Conference on Oxidation and Reduction Technologies for Ex-Situ and In-Situ Treatment of Water, Air and Soil (ECOR-1), Sartorius College, Göttingen, Germany, April 25-28, 2004, p. 94.
  • Lopez, A; Pagano, M.; Volpe, A.; Di Pinto, A.C.: Fenton’s pre-treatment of mature landfill leachate, Chemosphere 2004, 54, 1005-1010.
  • Tandoi V., Del Moro G., Mascolo G., Ciannarella R., Volpe A.: Remediation of contaminated aquifers by biological and advanced oxidation processes: The AQUATEC project, Italian Journal of Engineering Geology and Environment, Special Issue 1, 2007, 79-84.
  • Volpe A, Del Moro G., Rossetti S., Tandoi V., Lopez A.: Remediation of PCE-contaminated groundwater from an industrial site in southern Italy: A laboratory-scale study, Process Biochemistry 2007, 42, 1498-1505.
  • Volpe A., Del Moro G., Rossetti S., Tandoi V.: High MTBE removal from a microbial consortium enriched at an Italian National Interest site, Proceedings of ConSoil 2008 - The 10th International UFZ-Deltares/TNO Conference on Soil-Water Systems, Milano, June 3-6, 2008.
  • Volpe A., Del Moro G., Rossetti S., Tandoi V., Lopez A.: Enhanced bioremediation of methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) by microbial consortia obtained from contaminated aquifer material, Chemosphere 2009, 75 (2), 149-155.

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