Ivan Portoghese, Ricercatore

email ivan.portoghese AT ba.irsa.cnr.it
Address Via F. De Blasio,5
70132 Bari
Telephone +39 080 5820540
Fax +39 080 5313365

Research Topics
  • hydrological characterization in Mediterranean environments subject to strong climate variability,
  • innovative approaches for the assessment of water balance models,
  • development of methods for the evaluation and management of water resources with particular regard to groundwater
  • assessment of climate change impacts on the hydrological cycle and water resources.
Research activities / Ongoing Projects
  • CIRCE-IP (by the EC - FP6) aiming to the assessment of climate change scenarios, impacts, and adaptation strategy in the Mediterranean basin.
  • PRIN-2007 (MIUR) named “Relations between hydrological processes, climate, and physical attributes of the landscape at the regional and basin scales”; in the Research Unit from the Polytechnic of Bari coordinated by Vito Iacobellis.
  • Scientific support to the activities of the Department for Civil Protection (cooperation agreement DPC-IRSA signed on 12.19.2006) aiming to develop methodologies for the monitoring of available water resources and the early-warning of water crisis events (WP4).
  • GeSAP (Fondazione CRP) for the development of a model for managing groundwater resources in the Apulia region.
Recent Publications
  • Portoghese I., M. Vurro, and E. Bruno, From regional climate simulations to the hydrological information needed for basin scale impact studies, Proceedings of the 11th Plinius Conference on Mediterranean Storms, Barcellona (SP) 7-11 September 2009, Vol. 11, Plinius11-74.
  • Portoghese I., Gigante V., Iacobellis V., Manfreda S., e Milella P., Influences of Leaf Area Index estimations on water balance modeling in a Mediterranean semi-arid basin Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 9, 979–991, 2009.
  • Portoghese I., V. Iacobellis, and M. Sivapalan,Analysis of soil and vegetation patterns in semi-arid Mediterranean landscapes by way of a conceptual water balance model, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 12, 899–911, 2008.
  • Portoghese I., M., Vurro, A. Mariotti, 2009. Impatti sul ciclo idrologico e risorse idriche. In: La vulnerabilità e gli impatti dei cambiamenti climatici in Italia: elementi per una possibile strategia nazionale per l’adattamento, (Castellari S., V. Artale, eds.), (in stampa).
  • Portoghese I., M. Vurro, G. Giuliano, Uno strumento di pianificazione delle risorse idriche sotterranee sotto l’influenza dei cambiamenti climatici, in Clima e cambiamenti climatici: le attività di ricerca del CNR, n. 23. Editore: ed. Dipartimento Terra e Ambiente del CNR– Roma. ISBN 978-88-8080-075-0, 827-830, 2007.
  • Chirico G.B., De Vita P., Masciale R., Portoghese I., Romano N., Sica B., Vurro M. Investigating dominant processes controlling the hillslope response in a Mediterranean basin, European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2007, European Geosciences Union (EGU) Vienna (AU) 15/04/2007 - 20/04/2007.
  • Fiorentino M., Carriero D., Iacobellis V., Manfreda S., Portoghese I., MedCLUB - starting line and first activities, Proceedings of VIIth IAHS Symposium, IAHS (IAHS Red Book Series; PUB: promises and progress - pub. 303), p. 463-476. Foz do Iguacu (BR) 04/04/2005 - 09/04/2005. 2006.
  • Portoghese, I., Uricchio, V., Vurro M.A GIS tool for hydrogeological water balance evaluation on a regional scale in semi-arid environments, Computers & Geosciences, Vol. 31 n. 1 pp. 15-27, 2005.

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