Michele Pagano, Ricercatore

email michele.pagano AT ba.irsa.cnr.it
Address Via F. De Blasio,5
70132 Bari
Telephone +39 080 5820505
Fax +39 080 5313365

Research Topics
  • Application of advancaed oxidation processes(AOP) for the degradation of persistent inquinants in the environment and for the improvement of biodegradability of industrial wastewaters
  • Catalytic oxidation of pollutants by activated carbon and hydrogen peroxide
  • Identification of oxidation by-products in AOP and catalytic processes
Research activities / Ongoing Projects
  • Catalytic oxidation of nonionic surfactants by activated carbon and hydrogen peroxide
  • Identification by LC/MS analysis of oxidation by-products related to first point
Recent Publications
  • M. Pagano, A. Lopez, A. Volpe, G. Mascolo, R. Ciannarella. Oxidation of nonionic surfactants by Fenton and H2O2/UV processes. Environmental Technology, Vol 29, 423-433, (2008).
  • A. Lopez, M. Pagano, A. Volpe, A. C. Di Pinto. Fenton's pre-treatment of mature landfill leachate. Chemosphere, 54, 1005-1010, (2004).
  • M. Pagano, D. Petruzzelli, G. Tiravanti, R. Passino. Pb/Fe  separation and recovery from automobile battery wastewater by selective ion exchange. Solvent  Extraction and Ion Exchange 18(2), 387-399(2000).. 
  • D. Petruzzelli, M. Pagano, G. Tiravanti, R. Passino. Lead removal and recovery from battery wastewaters by natural zeolite clinoptilolite. Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange, 17(3),677-694 (1999).
  • G. Macchi, D. Marani, M. Pagano, G. Bagnuolo. A bench study on lead removal from battery manufacturing wastewater by carbonate precipitation. Water Research,.30(12),3032-3036(1996).
  • D. Marani, G. Macchi, M. Pagano. Lead precipitation in the presence of sulphate and carbonate: testing of thermodynamic predictions. Water Research , 29 (4) , 1085-1092 (1995).
  • G. Macchi, M. Pagano, M. Santori, G. Tiravanti. Battery industry wastewater: Pb removal and produced sludge. Water Research ,  27 (10),  1511-1518(1993).
  • G. Macchi, M. Pagano, M. Pettine, M. Santori, G. Tiravanti. A bench study  on chromium recovery from tannery sludge. Water Research,  25(8) , 1019-1026(1991).

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