Luisa Patrolecco, Ricercatore

email patrolecco AT
Address Via Salaria km 29,300
C.P. 10
00015 Monterotondo St. (RM)
Telephone +39 06 90672797
Fax +39 06 90672787

Research Topics
  • Development and validation of analytical methodologies for the determination of emerging and priority organic pollutants in environmental (water, sediments, particulate matter, biota)
  • Fate and distribution of emerging and priority organic pollutants in aquatic ecosystems
  • Study of the interaction between organic contaminants and aquatic organisms.
  • Circulation and physico-chemical characterization of organic matter in rivers and coastal environments
Research activities / Ongoing Projects
  • EU MIRAGE Project (Mediterranean Intermittent River Management, 2009-2011)
  • CNR (Italy)- CNRST (Morocco) Agreement 2008-2009 ““Validation of the front face fluorometry technique for the analysis of organic pollutant in waters”
  • CNR (Italy)- CNRST (Morocco) Agreement 2010-2011 “Assessment of the presence and distribution of selected hazardous substances in sediment and water of Mediterranean rivers: case of Sebou basin”
  • Program Framework Agreement between the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Civil Protection Department and CNR-IRSA, WP3 "Early warning systems for active surveillance of the risk of pollution for drinking water sources"
Recent Publications
  • Vignati D.A.L., Valsecchi S., Polesello S., Patrolecco L., and Dominik J. (2009) Pollutant partitioning for monitoring surface waters, Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 28, 159-169.
  • Viganò L., Patrolecco L., Polesello S., Pagnotta R. (2008). “Interaction between trophic and toxic factors in a polluted urban river”, Ecotoxicological Environmental Safety, 69(1): 49-57
  • Patrolecco L., Capri S., De Angelis S., Pagnotta R., Polesello S., Valsecchi S. (2006). “Partition of nonylphenol and related compounds among different aquatic compartments in Tevere River (central Italy)”, Water Air & Soil Pollution, 172: 151-166
  • Croce V., De Angelis S., Patrolecco L., Polesello S., Valsecchi S. (2005) “Uptake and accumulation of sediment associated nonylphenol in benthic invertebrate (Lumbriculus variegatus, freshwater oligochaete), Environmental Toxicological and Chemistry, 24(5): 1165-1171.
  • Patrolecco L., Capri S., De Angelis S., Polesello S., Valsecchi S. (2004) “Determination of endocrine disrupting chemicals in environmental solid matrices by extraction with a non-ionic surfactant (Tween 80)”, Journal of Chromatography A, 1022: 1-7
  • Viganò L., Arillo A., Buffagni A., Camusso M., Ciannarello R., Crosa G., Falugi C., Galassi M., Guzzella L., Lopez A., Mingazzini M., Pagnotta R., Patrolecco L., Tartari G., Valsecchi S. (2003) “Quality assessment of bed sediments of the Po River (Italy)”, Water Research, 37(3): 501-518.
  • Pettine M., Capri S., Manganelli M., Patrolecco L., Puddu A., Zoppini A. (2001) “The dynamics of DOM in the northern Adriatic sea”, Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science, 52(4): 471-489.
  • Pettine M., Patrolecco L., Manganelli M., Capri S., Farrace M.G. (1999) “Seasonal variations of dissolved organic matter in the northern Adriatic sea”, Marine Chemistry, 64: 153-169.

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