Caterina Levantesi, Ricercatore

email levantesi AT
Address Via Salaria km 29,300
C.P. 10
00015 Monterotondo St. (RM)
Telephone +39 06 90672781
Fax +39 06 90672787

Research Topics
  • Microbial selection processes in biological wastewater treatments
  • Isolation and pure culture studies of fastidious microrganisms involved in biotechnological processes
  • Hygienisation performances of wastewater reclamation processes
  • Microbial interactions
  • Biomolecular approaches for mixed cultures studies
Research activities / Ongoing Projects
  • EU RECLAIM WATER: Water Reclamation Technologies for safe artificial groundwater recharge (UE11390)
Recent Publications
  • Levantesi, C., La Mantia, R., Masciopinto, C., Böckelmann, U., Ayuso-Gabella, M. N., Salgot, M. Tandoi, V., Van Houtte, E., Wintgens, T., Grohmann E. (submitted) Fate of pathogenic microorganisms and microbial indicators in three wastewater reclamation and artificial aquifer recharge facilities in Europe.Science of the Total Environment
  • Bockelmann U., Dorries H., Ayuso N., Salgot M., Tandoi V., Levantesi C., Masciopinto C., van Houtte E., Szewzyk U., Wintgens T., Grohmann E. (2009) Quantitative pcr monitoring of antibiotic resistance genes and bacterial pathogens in three european artificial groundwater recharge systems Applied and Environmental Microbiology 75 (1), 154-163.
  • Lemos P., Levantesi C., Serafim L., Rossetti S., Reis M.A.M., Tandoi V. (2008) Microbial characterisation of polyhydroxyalkanoates storing populations selected under different operating conditions using a cell-sorting RT-PCR approach Applied Microbiology And Biotechnology (78) 351-360.
  • Kragelund, C.; Levantesi, C.; Borger, A.; Thelen, K.; Eikelboom, D.; Tandoi, V.; Kong, Y.; van der Waarde, J.; Krooneman, J.; Rossetti, S.; Thomsen, T. R.; Nielsen, P. H. (2007) Identity, abundance and ecophysiology of filamentous chloroflexi species present in activated sludge treatment plants FEMS Microbiol. Ecol. 59 (3), 671 682.
  • Levantesi, C., Rossetti, S., Thelen, K., Kragelund, C., Krooneman, J., Eikelboom, D., Nielsen, H.P., Tandoi, V. (2006). Phylogeny, physiology and distribution of " Candidatus Microthrix calida", a new Microthrix species isolated from industrial activated sludge wastewater treatment plants Environmental Microbiology 8 (9),1552-1563.
  • Levantesi, C., Snaidr, J., Beimfohr, C., Rossetti, S., van der Waarde, J., Gerurkink, B., Krooneman, J., Tandoi, V. (2004). Filamentous alfa-proteobacteria associated with bulkingin industrial wastewater treatment plants Systematic and Applied Microbiology 27 (6), 716-727.
  • Rossetti, S., Blackall. L.L., Levantesi, C., Uccelletti, D., Tandoi, V. (2003). Phylogenetic and physiological characterization of a heterotrophic, chemolithoautotrophic Thiothrix strain isolated from activated sludge. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 53(5), 1271-1276.
  • Levantesi, C., Serafim, L. S., Crocetti, G. R., Lemos, P. C., Rossetti, S., Blackall, L. L., Reis, M. A. M., Tandoi, V. (2002). Analysis of the microbial community structure and function of a laboratory scale enhanced biological phosphorous removal reactor. Environmental Microbiology 4, 559-569.


  1. Accumulo di biopolimeri in biomassa miste (A) analisi FISH, (B) colorazione Nilo blu
  2. Batterio filamentoso Candidatus Microthrix calida coltura pura
  3. Rilevazione di cellule di Campylobacter in campioni ambientali (A) contrasto di fase, (B) FISH (C) DAPI+FISH