Marco De Sanctis, Ricercatore

De Sanctis
email marco.desanctis AT
Address Via F. De Blasio,5
70132 Bari
Telephone +39 080 5820503
Fax +39 080 5313365

Research Topics
  • Biological wastewater treatment processes
  • Identification and physiological characterization of microorganisms in complex environmental matrices (activated sludge, granular biomass and biofilm)
Research activities / Ongoing Projects
  • Optimization of granulation process in aerobic/anaerobic condition
Recent Publications
  • Di Iaconi C., De Sanctis M., Rossetti S., Mancini A. (2011) Bio-chemical treatment of medium-age sanitary landfill leachates in a high synergy system. Process Biochemistry, vol 46, pp. 2322-2329.
  • De Sanctis M., Di Iaconi C., Lopez A., Rossetti S. (2010) Granular biomass structure and population dynamics in Sequencing Batch Biofilter Granular Reactors (SBBGR). Bioresource Technology, vol. 101, N7, pp. 2152-2158.
  • Di Iaconi C., Del Moro G., De Sanctis M., Rossetti S. (2010) A chemically enhanced biological process for lowering operative costs and solid residues of indusrial recalcitrant wastewater treatment. Water Research, vol 44, N12, pp. 3635-3644.
  • Di Iaconi C., De Sanctis M., Rossetti S., Ramadori R. (2010) SBBGR technology for minimising excess sludge production in biological processes. Water Research, vol. 44, N6, pp. 1825-1832.
  • Di Iaconi C., Del Moro G., Lopez A., De Sanctis M., Ramadori R. (2008) Municipal wastewater treatment by a periodic biofilter with granular biomass. Water science and technology, vol. 58, N12, pp. 2395-2401.
  • Di Iaconi, C., De Sanctis, M., Rossetti, S., Ramadori, R. (2008) Technological transfer to demonstrative scale of sequencing batch biofilter granular reactor (SBBGR) technology for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. Water Science and Technology , vol 58, N2, pp. 367-372.
  • Dionisi D., Levantesi C., Majone M., Bornoroni L., De Sanctis M. (2007) Effect of micropollutants (organic xenobiotics and heavy metals) on the activated sludge process. Ind. & Eng. Chem. Res. Vol 46, N21, pp. 6762-6769.

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