Date Title Abstract
27/03/2014 On-site treatment of textile yarn dyeing effluents using an integrated biological–chemical oxidation process PDF
27/03/2014 Textile wastewater treatment: Aerobic granular sludge vs activated sludge systems PDF
03/11/2014 PM10 and gaseous pollutants trends from air quality monitoring networks in Bari province: principal component analysis and absolute principal component scores on a two years and half data set PDF
03/06/2014 Chapter 10: Impacts of Climate Change on Water Quality, In Regional Assessment of Climate Change in the Mediterranean PDF
02/03/2014 Efficient conversion of brown grease produced by municipal wastewater treatment plant into biofuel using aluminium chloride hexahydrate under very mild conditions PDF
01/13/2014 Calibration of a Novel Impedance Sensor for Water Content Measurement in Rocks PDF
10/30/2013 Reduction of selenite by cysteine in ionic media PDF
10/09/2013 Management of aquifer recharge in Lebanon by removing seawater intrusion from coastal aquifers PDF
10/03/2013 Pesticide risk assessment and management in a globally changing world-report from a European interdisciplinary workshop PDF
10/02/2013 Analysis of the performance and criteria for rational design of a sequencing batch reactor for xenobiotic removal PDF
09/18/2013 Ultrasonic and thermal pretreatments to enhance the anaerobic bioconversion of olive husks PDF
09/18/2013 Towards sustainable management of Mediterranean river basins: policy recommendations on management aspects of temporary streams PDF
09/09/2013 Ex situ remediation of polluted soils by absorptive polymers, and a comparison of slurry and two-phase partitioning bioreactors for ultimate contaminant degradation PDF
09/06/2013 Ex Situ Bioremediation of Contaminated Soils: An Overview of Conventional and Innovative Technologies PDF
09/05/2013 Characterization of a dismissed landfill via electrical resistivity tomography and mise-à-la-masse method PDF
09/05/2013 Vulnerability to Drought of a Complex Water Supply System. The Upper Tiber Basin Case Study (Central Italy) PDF
09/04/2013 The intercalibration of the Hellenic Evaluation System for Mediterranean rivers of type R-M1 and R-M2 at Northern and Central Greece PDF
09/04/2013 Least Disturbed Condition for European Mediterranean rivers PDF
09/04/2013 Different activity levels of Dehalococcoides mccartyi revealed by FISH and CARD-FISH under non-steady and pseudo-steady state conditions PDF
07/03/2013 Direct analysis of polychlorinated biphenyls in heavily contaminated soils by thermal desorption/gas chromatography/mass spectrometry PDF
06/20/2013 Reduced temperature hydrolysis at 134 C before thermophilic anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge at increasing organic load PDF
06/11/2013 Biodiesel from dewatered wastewater sludge: A two-step process for a more advantageous production PDF
06/06/2013 On-site treatment of textile yarn dyeing effluents using an integrated biological–chemical oxidation process PDF
06/02/2013 Multiple Carrying Capacities from a management-oriented perspective to operationalize sustainable tourism in protected areas PDF
05/21/2013 Integration of local and scientific knowledge to support drought impact monitoring: some hints from an Italian case study PDF
04/30/2013 Feasibility of operating a solid-liquid bioreactor with used automobile tires as the sequestering phase for the biodegradation of inhibitory compounds PDF
04/17/2013 Partitioning of nutrients and micropollutants along the sludge treatment line: a case study PDF
04/08/2013 Photodegradation of nalidixic acid assisted by TiO2 nanorods/Ag nanoparticles based catalyst PDF
04/04/2013 Quantitative estimation of Dehalococcoides mccartyi at laboratory and field scale: Comparative study between CARD-FISH and Real Time PCR PDF
04/04/2013 Tailoring groundwater quality monitoring to vulnerability: a GIS procedure for network design PDF
04/03/2013 An integrated modelling tool to evaluate the acceptability of irrigation constraint measures for groundwater protection PDF
03/22/2013 Catchment features controlling nitrogen dynamics in running waters above the tree line (central Italian Alps) PDF
03/21/2013 Water quality management in a vulnerable large river: the Nile in Egypt PDF
02/21/2013 Response of biofilm bacterial communities to antibiotic pollutants in a Mediterranean river PDF
02/20/2013 How a Steel Plant Affects Air Quality of a Nearby Urban Area: A Study on Metals and PAH Concentrations PDF
02/12/2013 Study of performances, stability and microbial characterization of a Sequencing Batch Biofilter Granular Reactor working at low recirculation flow PDF
01/08/2013 Terbuthylazine and other triazines in Italian water resources PDF
12/20/2012 Physical characterisation of the sludge produced in a sequencing batch biofilter granular reactor PDF
12/20/2012 Mechanochemical degradation of pentachlorophenol PDF
12/17/2012 NDVI spatial pattern and the potential fragility of mixed forested areas in volcanic lake watersheds PDF
12/17/2012 Stable isotope variation in macroinvertebrates indicates anthropogenic disturbance along an urban stretch of the river Tiber (Rome, Italy) PDF
12/14/2012 Bayesian Belief Network to support conflict analysis for groundwater protection: The case of the Apulia region PDF
10/30/2012 Flow and Transport in Fractured Aquifers: New Conceptual Models Based on Field Measurements PDF
10/23/2012 Impact of global and local pressures on the ecology of a Medium-sized pre-alpine lake PDF