Roma head office

It is the head office of IRSA, established in 1968 in Rome in the Coppedè neighbourhood and currently located within the Rome 1 Research Areaof Montelibretti, at km 29.300 of the Via Salaria. The staff, composed of researchers, technicians and administrative personnel, operates in national and international research projects using a highly multidisciplinary approach. Its expertise include biogeochemical processes that influence the mobility and persistence of organic and inorganic pollutants in aquatic environments, the role of microbial communities in the biodegradation of pollutants, the functionality of aquatic ecosystems, innovative technologies for the treatment of wastewater and water intended for human consumption, the recovery of resources and energy from sludge and solid waste, the biomolecular characterization and bioremediation of contaminated sites, methodologies for the sustainable management of water resources, analytical methods and guidelines for water characterization.

Strada Provinciale 35d, 9
00010 Montelibretti (RM) –  IT
Tel.: +39 06 90672850
Fax: +39 06 90672787
Surface mail address: Via Salaria km 29,300 – C.P. 10
00015 Monterotondo St. (RM) –  IT