Taranto headquarters

It was established in 1914 as State Laboratory of Marine Biology of the Ministry of Finance. In 1941 it became a part of CNR under the name of Thalassographic Institute of Taranto. In 2001 it became a headquarters of IAMC (Institute for the Coastal Marine Environment) and since 2018 it is an IRSA headquarters. Research activities are carried out in the fields of algology, biology, ecology, microbiology, oceanography, biochemistry, biodiversity, ecotoxicology and environmental chemistry, with applications in the field of aquaculture, environmental protection and recovery, and biotechnology. Studies are performed according to an integrated approach for the sustainable management of the coastal strip and focus on the interactions between chemical-physical and biological processes within and among the different sectors of the marine ecosystem, with the final aim of estimating its vulnerability and resilience to anthropogenic pressures, and, accordingly, identifying eco-sustainable strategies for resources management.

Via Roma, 3
74123 Taranto (TA) – IT
Tel.: +39 099 4542 202
Fax: +39 099 4542 215
Headquarters manager: Dott.ssa Magda Di Leo