Stefano Polesello, Primo Ricercatore

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Address Via del Mulino, 19
20047 Brugherio (MB)
Telephone +39 039 21694218
Fax +39 039 2004692

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Recent Publications
  • Vignati D.A.L., Valsecchi S., Polesello S., Patrolecco L., and Dominik J. (2009) Pollutant partitioning for monitoring surface waters, Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 28, 159-169.
  • Loos R., Wollgast J., Castro-Jimenez J., Mariani G., Huber T., Locoro G., Hanke G., Umlauf G., Bidoglio G., Hohenblum P., Moche W., S. Weiss, Schmid H., Leiendecker F., Ternes T., Navarro Ortega A., Hildebrandt A., Barcelò D., Lepom P., Dimitrova I., Nitcheva O., Polesello S., Valsecchi S., Boutrup S., Sortkjaer O., de Boer R., Staeb J. (2008), Laboratory intercorparison study for the analysis of nonylphenol and octylphenol in river water, Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 27, 89-95.
  • Polesello S., Tartari G.A., Giacomotti P., Mosello R., Cavalli S. (2006) Determination of total dissolved inorganic carbon in freshwaters by reagent-free ion chromatography Journal of Chromatography A 1118 (2006), 56-61
  • Patrolecco L., Capri S., De Angelis S., Pagnotta R., Polesello S. and Valsecchi S. (2006) Partition of nonylphenol and related compounds among different aquatic compartments in Tiber river (Central Italy), Water, Air, and Soil Pollution, 172, 151-166.
  • Croce V., De Angelis S., Patrolecco L., Polesello S. and Valsecchi S. (2005) Uptake and Accumulation of Sediment Associated Nonylphenol in Benthic Invertebrate (Lumbriculus variegatus, Freshwater Oligochaete), Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 24, 1165-1171.
  • D. Vignati, T. Dworak, B. Ferrari, B. Koukal, J. L. Loizeau, M. Minouflet, M. Camusso, S. Polesello, J. Dominik, (2005) Assessment of the Geochemical Role of Colloids and Their Impact on Contaminant Toxicity in Freshwaters: An Example from the Lambro-Po System (Italy), Environmental Science and Technology, 39 489-497.
  • Guglielmin M., Camusso M., Polesello S. and Valsecchi S. (2004) An old relict glacier body preserved in permafrost environment: the Foscagno rock glacier ice core (Upper Valtellina, Italian Central Alps), Arctic Antarctic and Alpine Research, 36, 108-116.
  • S. Cavalli, S. Polesello, G. Saccani, Determination of Acrylamide in Drinking Water by Large-Volume Direct Injection and ICE-MS detection, Journal of Chromatography A, 1039 (2004), 155-159.

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