Stefania Erba, Ricercatore

email erba AT
Address Via del Mulino, 19
20047 Brugherio (MB)
Telephone +39 039 21694204
Fax +39 039 2004692

Research Topics
  • Development of integrated systems based on aquatic invertebrates for the evaluation of river ecological quality
  • Development of sampling methods for river aquatic invertebrates and development of multimetric assessment systems
  • Hydromorphological and habitat characterization of streams and rivers
  • Analysis of the relationship between benthic invertebrates and river habitats
  • Aquatic invertebrates taxa autoecology
  • Reference conditions
  • Intercalibration of biological methods
  • Water Framework Directive (EC/2000/60)
  • Mediterranean rivers
  • Tropical rivers
Research activities / Ongoing Projects
  • Intercalibration of biological methods and WFD Implementation in Italian and European contexts
  • MIRAGE project - Mediterranean Intermittent River ManAGEment
  • QUES-Guyane project (QUalité des Eaux continentales de Surface de Guyane)
  • LIFE INHABIT project - ‘Local hydro-morphology, habitat and RBMPs: new measures to improve ecological quality in South European rivers and lakes’
Recent Publications
  • Pace G., P. Andreani, M. Barile, A. Buffagni, S. Erba, L. Mancini, C. Belfiore, 2011. Macroinvertebrate assemblages at mesohabitat scale in small sized volcanic siliceous streams of Central Italy (Mediterranean Ecoregion). Ecological Indicators 11: 688-696.
  • Jähnig C. S., Brabec K., Buffagni A., Erba S., Lorenz A. W., Ofenböck T., Verdonschot P. F. M. & D. Hering, 2010. A comparative analysis of restoration measures and their effects on hydromorphology and benthic invertebrates in 26 central and southern European rivers. Journal of Applied Ecology 2010, 47, 671-680.
  • Buffagni A., Erba S. & D. G. Armanini, 2010. The lentic-lotic character of rivers and its importance to aquatic invertebrate communities. Aquat. Sci. (2010) 72:45-60.
  • Erba S., M.T. Furse, R. Balestrini, A. Christodoulides, T. Ofenböck, W. van de Bund, J.-G. Wasson & A. Buffagni, 2009. The validation of common European class boundaries for river benthic macroinvertebrates to facilitate the intercalibration process of the Water Framework Directive. Hydrobiologia, 633: 17-31. DOI: 10.1007/s10750-009-9873-y.
  • Buffagni A., Armanini D.G. & Erba S., 2009. Does the lentic-lotic character of rivers affect invertebrate metrics used in the assessment of ecological quality? Journal of Limnology, 68 (1): 92-105.
  • Buffagni A., Casalegno C. & Erba S., 2009. Hydromorphology and land use at different spatial scales: expectations in a changing climate scenario for medium-sized rivers of the Western Italian Alps. Fundamental and Applied Limnology, 174/1: 7-25.
  • Buffagni A., S. Erba, M.T. Furse, 2007. A simple procedure to harmonize class boundaries of assessment systems at the pan-European scale, Env. Sci. Pol., 10: 709-724.
  • Erba S., Buffagni A., Holmes N., O'Hare M., Scarlett P. & Stenico A., 2006. Testing River Habitat Survey features for the aims of the WFD hydro-morphological assessment: an overview from the STAR Project. Hydrobiologia, 566, 281-296.